Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Canon EOS C100 and EOS C300 Camera Tests: Dual Pixel CMOS AF Autofocus and High ISO to ISO 80,000

This is footage from the Canon C300 and C100 camera tests I shot this summer for a workshop I conducted during Cine Gear 2014. The purpose of the first test was to check out the limits of shooting with Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus in a variety of scenarios and then share the results at the workshop. The footage includes both graded MXF and ungraded ProRes 422 sequences. I recorded the on-screen displays to the ProRes footage to show the AF working and mixed that in occasionally with the graded MXF footage. Additionally, since Dual Pixel AF does not work in Slow and Fast Motion mode in the C300, I wanted to test the 59.94p (1280x720) alternative.
In the second test, I took the cameras to East Haven, CT, to shoot a lighthouse for a high ISO sensor sensitivity test. The scenario I made up for the nighttime shoot was: "What if a film crew got stuck in traffic and arrived at location late -- way after dark -- to shoot a 'must have' shot for an urgent promo insert? Could you still make the shot?" Recording with a C100 and Atomos Ninja 2, the ProRes test footage includes a control shot from magic hour ungraded and also graded as intended for the promo, and then a series of night time shots made in total darkness from ISO 320 to ISO 80,000. You can check out the high ISO footage graded and ungraded, and with and without noise reduction applied. As a final sequence, I took the shot I made in total darkness at ISO 80,000, applied noise reduction (Red Giant Denoiser II), and then color graded it to look like the control shot made at magic hour. 
I think you'll find the results of both tests worth watching.

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