Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vincent LaForet Shooting Time Lapse in Utah

Vincent LaForet Shooting Time Lapse in Utah, originally uploaded by

Vincent and I traveled to Bryce Canyon, Utah to shoot a series of basic time lapse tutorials for Canon. This was my first job working with Vincent, and hopefully won't be my last. Let me tell you about working with Vincent LaForet: he know his stuff and he is a tireless professional. I have seen several guys of his status simply phone the job in -- you know, go through the motions and achieve predictable, if not mediocre results. But not Vincent -- he was a master of using several cameras at once, while managing to keep his head into the overall job picture without distraction. This time-lapse tutorial series was outstanding, and I really enjoyed getting a little "hands-on" myself on the Canon C300 helping out with the behind-the-scenes film.

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